Friday, February 24

some fun, some reminiscence

i don't know how many of you had the opportunity to work/play on macintosh computers when you were younger (not those fancy COLOR macs, i'm talking macintosh classic ii), but this was my bread and butter in the early 90's. one particular piece of software that attracted me was a 2-d physics simulator. i wish i could remember the name (a beer to anyone that does). it allowed you to mock up pretty much any newtonian scenario that you could think of in 2 dimensions. i often created car-shaped objects with initial velocities that would "jump" anchored, ramp-shaped objects, while narrowly missing the massive rock-ish object that was accelerating due to the ultra-high gravity in this 2-d, monochrome world. man, that was fun!

good times.

anyway, this game reminds of the good ole days, except that it's in color.

i also recommend 'blast billy.' the object is to shoot a guy into things, heh

Thursday, February 16

own and ipod and a bunch of cds?!?

well, according to recent statements from the riaa, you better re-purchase all of your music from itunes. ripping cds that you legally own and uploading them to your ipod is NOT covered under "fair use."

riaa head-hancho:
"oh no, our profits are down! who should we blame?!?"

riaa exec 1:
"well, we are releasing horrible music. maybe we should create an environment that rewards and stimulates the artists to come up with better music."

riaa head-hancho:
"YOU'RE FIRED! any other suggestions?"

riaa exec 2"
"we should start prosecuting teenagers and college students that share music over the internet. hell, we should prosecute people for ripping music and putting it on their ipods!"

riaa head-hancho:
"excellent (with mr. burns'-esque finger-tapping)."