Monday, January 30

one of my best friends is goth

...a goth artist to be more precise.

a while back tommy asked sara and i to accompany him to a goth-oriented art show. i certainly understood the need for moral support; this was an important networking opportunity for an up-and-coming artist such as himself. without sara and i he would've been left vulnerable the blood-sucking vampires therein. i had to find a way to keep the dark masses at bay while tommy found a chance to introduce himself to their leaders.

my solution: confusion.

i ran to the mall and had this shirt fabricated for the occasion. thanks to the wonders of the interweb, everyone can have one. thank you interweb gods!

Tuesday, January 24

websites with the same benefits as crack

i've recently gravitated towards a few websites that eat away at my brain. couple that with a few beers and i'll soon be retarded...not inebriated, i mean that in a politically-incorrect way.

one of these sites, succintly titled "celebrities eating dot com," sucked away a good five minutes of my life before actually satisifying my fix. here's the climax, but i bet you can't view just one of the images. you'll keep clicking and clicking, but it will never be as good as your first time.

i should probably thank sara for this addiction...thanks honey...thanks a lot.

Friday, January 13

burninating for 3 years and counting!

...the countryside that is!

Thursday, January 5

holy crap!

...another awesome sports-related video.

brought to you by google.

Wednesday, January 4

google video, i think i love you

i was recently pointed in the direction of google's video search for the purpose of viewing a certain miller lite commercial (think christmas lights and trans-siberian orchestra). anyway, after finding that masterpiece, i bounced my way to another. thank you, google.

voilĂ .

Monday, January 2

snakes on a plane!

...and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!

apparently i'm a little late in hearing about samuel l. jackson's latest movie-to-be, but here i am. i'm all caught up and excited! how could you not be?!? it's snakes on a plane! what else do you need to know? it's a worse case scenario, my friend, and there you are stuck on the plane! call the fbi!

you wanna know more? check out snakes on a blog.

...also, and i'm sure this is fate working here, imdb's "snakes on a plane" page was updated on my birthday.