Thursday, December 6

system 5-4, sensor 8

ah the beauty of living in an apartment. you never know what's going to happen. the tenants above you may decide to throw an impromptu all-night party. their air conditioner condensation drain may become clogged, causing it to leak through your ceiling. who knows, it's even possible that your security system (which you didn't activate) may even start talking and beeping incessantly at you about a broken sensor that you don't give a damn about. of course the only solution to this problem is to reset it by flipping the breaker every 12 hours for the next 4 months because...well, why would you not want to go crazy?!?

how 'bout something peaceful and serene like a blank white page?

Wednesday, August 8


so, i guess it's time for another post (you're welcome debbie). what's happened since getting a job? ...hmmmm. oh wait, i know, I GOT AN IPHONE! yeah, i know, i'm a sell out, a fan-boy, a "that guy." but at least i don't wear a bluetooth ear piece; if that's of any consolation.

so what do i love best about it? well, i love being able to browse the web from anywhere...albeit, at blindingly slow edge (read: dialup) speeds. oh, and the hat and the lightsaber effects.

Wednesday, June 13

good news, everybody!

i am sure that all of my fan (hi honey) is glad to see a new post. for the past 7 months i've been job hunting. some people say that they enjoy the process of hunting for a job. those people are insane and i won't speak on this subject any further.

starting monday i will be a unix developer, woohoo! i am really stoked about it! my new company is multistate associates. they, well, we are a consulting firm that aides companies/associations in the monitoring and (i assume) prodding of state legislation and regulation via analysts and lobbyists. bet you couldn't've guessed i be working for a company like that. tim's already given me crap about supporting the abramoffs of the world, to which i say, "wait, what does your company do?!?" i'm pretty sure that b of a would've easily been a financial supporter of enron, they just happened to not be. also, multistate works on the state and local level, so :p

anywho, i'm really excited about it...and that's without considering that my boss is in deep blue sun.

Wednesday, January 24

sometimes i think people are reading my mind

just the other day, sara and i were at bi-lo doing our weekly grocery shopping. as sara hands over her keys which contain 5 separate money-saving barcodes, i say to her, "wouldn't it be nice if there was just one barcode to put on your keychain for all of those stores?" what do i find on digg today?!? well...not that, but it serves a similar purpose. instead of one "master" barcode, you can consolidate your barcodes onto one card. i haven't tried it out at the store, yet, but i've printed off the five barcodes that we use and i'll see how well it works.

you can do the same.

Sunday, January 7

the bear that wasn't

the year was 1995, or maybe it was 1996, i'm not really was freshman year. the dorm, and i'm sure on this one was smith...third floor. life was more simple then, or maybe it was simpler...i'll have to confer with a dictionary on that. anyway, the details aren't important, what's important is that it was very late and joe and i had been watching cartoons for hours. we usually watched beavis and butthead, and probably did that night, but for 10 short minutes another cartoon played. one that neither of us had seen before.

it was about a bear. a bear that upon waking up from his hibernation, saw a dramatic change in his environment. there were buildings and construction sites going up all around him. he tried to get to the bottom of the situation, but no one would listen to him. as a matter of fact, no one believed that he was a bear. he was repeatedly told that he wasn't a bear at all, just a man that needed to get back to work. the cartoon was filled psychedelic moments and humorous social commentary.

the next day joe called turner broadcasting to find out where we could get a copy it. no one seemed to know what he was talking about. we searched the internet, which at that time didn't have the resources it does now, to no avail. over the years we would jokingly talk about the mysterious cartoon.

ten years later i do another search. to my surprise (and relief), not only is there a wikipedia entry, but it has been released.

Wednesday, December 6

greetings on a global level

i don't know about you, but i like a good mash-up. send a message of love (or hate) made from aerial-views of buildings. what's cooler than that?!? a lot of things? well...


Thursday, August 3

asheville rocks!

last weekend sara and i went to asheville to partake in their annual bele chere festival. actually, the only reason we went was to see yo mama's big fat booty band. no, really, that's the name of the band...see?!?

anyway, so we went to the concert, and the booty band was awesome! we found out from the couple dancing next to us that they would be playing later that night at the orange off we went.


as you can see, the orange peel has one giant fan over the crowd for maximum dancing comfort. i took a picture of the fan and found out that it was made by the "big ass fans" company...and oh yes, they've got a website.