Thursday, April 20

happy birthday vonya, debbie, theblog!

actually, i missed theblog's birthday. oh well, i've sent it a belated birthday card, i'm sure it will forgive me.

so what have i been doing with my time for the past two months?!? well, i've been in jail. i ran into a parked car and i was a little over the "acceptable" blood alcohol limit for driving - and there was a kid in the car.


(but that did happen right outside my window the other night)


At 10:22 AM, Blogger dkuroiwa said...

Hey there J-man! So...about to turn off the computer..checked out Sara's blog...gee, wonder what jarrett is up to...let's see..April 20...happy birthday...DEBBIE?!?! ME?? :-D
If it was for me...thanks man!! what a sweetie....if it is for someone else...ehhh...ppppffffllllltttt!!
:-P Have a good one!!

At 11:05 AM, Blogger jarrett said...

i was indeed referring to you :) april 20th is also my aunt vonya's birthday (and hitler's, but i didn't want to mention hitler in the same sentence with you and vonya),'s easy to remember.


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