Thursday, February 16

own and ipod and a bunch of cds?!?

well, according to recent statements from the riaa, you better re-purchase all of your music from itunes. ripping cds that you legally own and uploading them to your ipod is NOT covered under "fair use."

riaa head-hancho:
"oh no, our profits are down! who should we blame?!?"

riaa exec 1:
"well, we are releasing horrible music. maybe we should create an environment that rewards and stimulates the artists to come up with better music."

riaa head-hancho:
"YOU'RE FIRED! any other suggestions?"

riaa exec 2"
"we should start prosecuting teenagers and college students that share music over the internet. hell, we should prosecute people for ripping music and putting it on their ipods!"

riaa head-hancho:
"excellent (with mr. burns'-esque finger-tapping)."


At 6:53 PM, Blogger David said...

Damn The Man.

Oh yeah, and someone should tell those morons that they don't have a good way of seeing what's on your ipod without a warrant from a judge. Have we gotten around to doing away with warrants yet? What's that you say? They have "Top Men" working on it? Exxxcellent.


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