Thursday, June 16

pac-man turns 25!

....according to someone who keeps track of this sort of thing.

if anyone's looking for a good birthday or christmas present for me...i'll take one of these.

for the record though, ms. pac-man was better, and i'd rather have the table-top version. don't get me wrong, i'll still take the stand-up arcade pac-man. it's just that i'd gut it and put a mame box in there.

Wednesday, June 15

bonnaroo ought-five

well, i survived my fourth bonnaroo; and sara has survived her third.

...and as you can see we did it with smiles.

every year prior to this i've gone with a group of at least 10 people. all of whom decided to bail this year. LOSERS!

it's their loss, though. the drive in was half of what it's typically been. there was fewer people than last year...a big relief. there was less rain, and (more importantly) less mud than expected. oh yeah, the music was great too!

i don't want to give an all-out review of what i saw, i'll leave that to the professionals, but i will say trey bored me and bela blew me away...again.

dear trey,

before the hiatus, you were great...WTF happened?!?

yours truly,