Saturday, July 23

beer...and the goodness within

despite the threat of terrorist attack, sara and i still held our house-warming party. perhaps because of the threat, perhaps because we're getting old, the keg was not kicked that night.

here are the remnants.

we had to pour the rest of it into this pot for multiple reasons (ice expensive, outside hot, kitchen floor wet). suffice it to say, we finally finished the beer.

Wednesday, July 6

'tater canon in lieu of fireworks

i'm sure that many of you celebrated our independence day by drinking copious amounts of beer and setting off fireworks.

"hey y'all, watch this!"

not me, we didn't have any fireworks. we did have potatoes, pvc pipe, and butane. which, as it turned out, was a perfect combination for immense entertainment.

now i've seen/shot a few potato guns in my day, but none so deserving of the designation "canon." no, it takes at least a 6 foot long, 2 inch in diameter pipe for such a term.

IMG_3248 that scott handles masterfully.