Wednesday, August 8


so, i guess it's time for another post (you're welcome debbie). what's happened since getting a job? ...hmmmm. oh wait, i know, I GOT AN IPHONE! yeah, i know, i'm a sell out, a fan-boy, a "that guy." but at least i don't wear a bluetooth ear piece; if that's of any consolation.

so what do i love best about it? well, i love being able to browse the web from anywhere...albeit, at blindingly slow edge (read: dialup) speeds. oh, and the hat and the lightsaber effects.


At 11:20 AM, Blogger dkuroiwa said...

loved that i-phone and loved seeing you and sara this summer!! can't wait to see the pictures that you took...and yes, "thank you" for updating your blog! a)my name was in print and b)you job is done here now, until i am needed again. (yes, i am using my powers for "good" now!!)!!! cheers!

At 11:12 PM, Blogger kelley said...

so are you still bluetoothless? beware the mudslinging; everyone caves eventually! (especially after about 5 zillion "hold on... uh... can you repeat that while i try to write and listen to you... crap")

yes, i'm trying to justify. :p


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