Friday, May 20

it seems like forever-ago that i bought these

bonnaroo tix

Friday, May 13

the dark side of chattanooga

♫ duh duh duuhhh ♫
(i guess that doesn't really have the same effect without sound)

last night mom, dad, tommy, and i went to an art show in downtown chattanooga. it was a lot of fun. we met the cherokee indian artists that designed the 7 discs adorning the passage to our new downtown waterfront area. very cool.

as the evening was winding down, a lady (who had been filming the event) noticed that i was taking some photos and suggested i walk across the street into the alley. she said there was some cool graffiti back there. i thought it a little odd, but tommy and i were definitely up for checking out some random graffiti (maybe that's a little redundant...random graffiti).

(follow the picture's link to see a few more shots...if you're into that sorta thing)

Monday, May 2

time travelers' convention

...what a great idea! set a time and location for time travelers to meet up, preferably soon. then litter history with references of this wonderful event. feel free to exaggerate its anticipated size. the more you hype it up, the more excited everyone will feel about it, and the greater the chances that someone 1000 years from now will hear about it. confidence is definitely the key to a successful time travelers' convention!

don't get discouraged if someone else has already held a similar event with completely unsuccessful results (regardless of a better website...check out the secondary web cam!).

if no one shows up, though, it's probably the fault of future government bureaucracy and regulation of time travel. or maybe there's an alternate history, like in 'back to the future II,' where a successful convention does take place. success indeed! proof schmoof.