Friday, May 13

the dark side of chattanooga

♫ duh duh duuhhh ♫
(i guess that doesn't really have the same effect without sound)

last night mom, dad, tommy, and i went to an art show in downtown chattanooga. it was a lot of fun. we met the cherokee indian artists that designed the 7 discs adorning the passage to our new downtown waterfront area. very cool.

as the evening was winding down, a lady (who had been filming the event) noticed that i was taking some photos and suggested i walk across the street into the alley. she said there was some cool graffiti back there. i thought it a little odd, but tommy and i were definitely up for checking out some random graffiti (maybe that's a little redundant...random graffiti).

(follow the picture's link to see a few more shots...if you're into that sorta thing)


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