Thursday, April 14

cannibal phish

last september, about a month after i got back from coventry (phish's last show) i decided to make a low-fi video for their new single, "the connection."

actually, i didn't decide to do that until i had already shot some video of fish and turtles eating goldfish (the baked cheesey ones). also, i didn't yet have a copy of the song, so i semi-legally copied it off the air after calling my local station and requesting it. i did end up buying the album, so i figure it's more legal than not.

anyway, after re-watching the footage of those fish fighting over cute little cheese-cracker versions of themselves...i really thought it was funny. i guess i had a mental picture of that scene in the adams family, where the girl (i don't know her name) is asked if she wants to buy some girl scout cookies, and she responds, "are they made from real girl scouts?"

so, at some point later that evening, i started correlating the pseudo-cannibalistic nature of those fish with phish. i know it's a weird analogy, but i don't care. the end result:
(phish radio requset)+(fish-feeding footage)=(humourous video)

starwipe aaaand cut.

turtle gif

you can download the file either by clicking on the above animated gif, or by going to ourmedia's page. the file is 22 megs, so be patient.


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