Thursday, December 1

a previously closed, but now open letter to sweetwater brewing

many of you are probably wondering, "where has jarrett gone?" for one thing, that's bad grammar. for another, i've been busy. i've started a campaign to bring the wonderful taste of sweetwater 420 to the south! i mean the chattanooga area. here's my plea:

howdy there steve,

riddle me this,
riddle me that,
why the hell can't i buy sweetwater
in north chatt(anooga)?

my girlfriend and i just moved to chattanooga
from the atlanta area some months ago. we
love it up here; it's beautiful and less trafficy.
and yet, for all the gas i save not waiting on
the car in front of me to move 10 feet, i waste
driving my otherwise lazy ass to georgia to pick
up a six pack of 420. don't you guys know that
there's a serious demand for excellent beers
up here?!? specifically those with not-so-subtle
references to things illegal.

"hey, any word on when you might be getting
some 420?."

riverside beverage company attendant:
"shit, i need to take down that sign out front.
no, i'm not really sure why, but they won't
distribute up here. there's a guy, though, just
down the road that parks behind terra nostra.
just tap on his window and say 'trout.' he'll
sell you six packs for $10."

"cool. hey, thanks man. i guess until you
get some i'll have to buy it black market. if
only sweetwater brewing knew..."

true story...except for the guy in the car.

in conclusion, please send me as many
free beers as possible: